What is Europe in your life?
A network of cities that cooperate together to bring you in a easy way all social activities, businesses and shops of the territory they represent.
What can you find in Europe in your life?
The first icons that appear on the navigation map are commercial establishments, shops currently offering a special promotion, and other destinations that may be of your interest. Find easily the duty chemists, routes, restaurants, shops, businesses and all types of establishments where you can make your daily shopping with the best care and personal service.
Europe in your life! A "smart" initiative
You can interact with each municipality, locate events, call to others, send an e-mail, manage better your time, your purchases, ... and soon, you will be able to report incidences so them help us to manage more effectively our environment.

Thank you for taking us into account!
Europe, also in your day to day life.
Committed with social responsability